Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year's Resolution: Don't start smoking

Here's a website from New Zealand that really gets it. Not our Future is sassy, looks great and doesn't put a foot wrong with its core target. It's engaging by avoiding a patronising tone, it uses the right kind of target-focussed celeb endorsement (all of them dismayingly younger than I am), it's trying to be inclusive (recruiting for next year's tv ads) and it's just so easy to tool around on it. The Did U know section on poisons in particular is a gas.

The takeout is strong and simple: smoking/smokers/smoke is unattractive. I'm going way out ona limb here, guessing that the hardcore target here is the mid-teen or even younger. Everyone on the site seems to be a bit older than the people they're talking to. Possibly a regulatory issue, but it certainly works for the site. Not old enough to be distant, but still enough to be listened to. Aspirational, as agencies love to say a lot.

There are also a couple of simple, fun games that are addictive (ahem) for a few minutes.

Where the site misses out though is on not having an active chat/blog feature. Again, there might be health reg reasons, but with proper moderation it's definitely something that stimulates the conversation and adds to its real effectiveness. Maybe the target are all outside the pub interfacing the old-fashioned way, settling it through the medium of smoke ring blowing.

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