Monday, January 5, 2009

Creativity superheroes unleashed

Let's just park the atl brief for a moment and behold what happens when you're not stuck in retail shopperlite land. This is a real store in Brooklyn:

It sells this:

And these:

And has stuff like this:

Uh hunh.
But the reason for its existence is coolest of all. It's a front for an organisation that sprang up to teach creative writing and creativity to kids aged six to 18. The original building in San Francisco was in a commercial zone, and in order to teach the kids, they needed to at least pretend it was a shop. A 'real' shop. In the case of the San Francisco store they set up what was most needed in the area. A pirate supply store, of course. It's equally as cool as the Superhero store. There's one in LA too: the Echo Park Time Travel Mart provides most of your basic time travel supplies. I just love that Brooklyn, though. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my jar of sasquatch mucous, but by God I have it now for when the need arises.

The Brooklyn store (and all images above) is by Sam Potts Inc. Different designers, but the same story, with all three shops. Everybody did everything for nothing. For the kids, see?

Sheer, unadulterated love of design and having fun without a big fat book of unbreakable brand rules trumps the desire to make money.
Just breathe it in for a minute.

Now get back to making money.

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