Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mick's Garage and Facebook

I've been cagey about social network ads, and the only place I'd ever heard of micksgarage was facebook.

I've always thought it was a ridiculous fit. I mean come on, a grotty little garage, probably with a grimy Buffalo Bill Silence of the Lambs pit in the floor? On beautifully, geometrically clean, blue, Alaskan pine-scented facebook? Car-razy. Those people don't drive! They Twitter on the DART and hold cappucino carryouts from Barstucks while they read their Marian Keyeses and John Connollys on the 46A. They wear post-ironic tee-shirts and rollerblade into wifi-enabled lifts up to the sixth floor creative space, n'est pas?

Eh, well, no. N'est pas du tout du tout, Nuala. Unlike Bebo, over 75% of fb profiles in Ireland are over legal driver age, and there's now more than 400,000 of them, so I should shut up and do more research.

And like that, along comes Sorcha Corcoran, writing in Silicon Republic, to tell me that

at a time when things look shaky for tech start-ups, e-commerce retailer of car parts and accessories MicksGarage has managed to secure €560,000 in funding to drive expansion. The investment... will help micksgarage to accelerate its activities in the UK and expand operations in Ireland, said managing director Ciaran Crean.

Drive expansion! Accelerate activities! We're sucking diesel now, Sorcha, what?

That aside, the fact that micksgarage was named Best Retail Website at the (electric-on-the-eyeballs website alert!) eircom awards the year before last is a clue that they know more about social network advertising than I do. They have 80,000 visitors monthly, and they can't be all cybertyre kickers. And now in the UK too? They're doing something right. Naturally, they're savvy enough to have a blog too.

To summarise, I'll keep an opener mind now about ads on facebook ás seo amach. Now all I need is a way to work in this gag about a couple of greased-up guys in overalls handling their parts con gusto and I'm outta here. Vroom. Etc.


  1. Nick, that hit the spot. Excellent. You should write for a living!

  2. Why thank you, kindly lady. You sound erudite and charming.

  3. charming? You should see the abuse she writes on other blogs. Where is hers?

  4. Heh. I think that with enough pressure that nut will crack. But we should be careful what we wish for... ;)