Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday Adlinks

Adweek's US Agency of the Year Crispin Porter + Bogusky.Worth noting that their more successful stuff (Gates/Seinfeld, Angry Whopper, VW Babymaker) all feature heavily interactive web content.

Piaras Kelly's directory of marketing blog communicators is here. If you know of any others who should be included let him know.

‘‘Obviously for some products, it’s already all about digital.” Ed McDonald of AAI in the Business Post. Don't get too excited just yet. It's a very small bite at the end of the article.

US President-elect gives Blackberry a freebie endorsement that money can't buy. Well, nothing short of $25 million anyway. Report from the NY Times.

Whiskey galore! Jameson gives the Dublin International Film Festival three more years of easy breathing, with a cool mill for this year's budget. Catherine O'Mahony in the Business Post again.

Digital agency with an eye on the present: Brando's got a brand new blog.

Facebook overtakes MySpace for the first time ever in December, now accounts for 4% of all online minutes spent in the US. It's time to seriously consider the implications of fb for your agency's brands.

Google changes its favicon. Found at Under Consideration. I'm almost too excited to type at this point.

Teencamp Ireland isn't camp at all. Young techies/bloggers age 13+ inaugurate their own selves. By teens, for teens, happening Jan 17th in Curved St. Temple Bar. If you know anyone wanting to break the scene, they can register here.

Happy Monday, Adland. Go mine the motherlode.

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