Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's adlinks

Tesco handles the truth in advertising. Very thank you, Monsieur l'Assistant teu le Manageur du Brande.

Onside Sponsorship's John Trainor does the hard sell in the Business Post
. Naming rights for Lansdowne Road are still available. My suggestion: similar to the way the late, lamented Point completely disappeared into The O2, how about bye bye Lansdowne, hello The GAA? Just saying.

Jonathan Woss does it. Stephen Fwy does it. What's with celebs, fake celebs and Twitter?

Resmesshion: Cybercom are expanding and need a Head of Search Marketing and a Paid Search Executive (the unpaid one quit nyuk nyuk). Say what now? Oh yes, these are the kinds of job descriptions that modern ad agencies use now.

Shameless objectivisation of naked bodies works both ways for Powerade. Thank you Mother. Click yourselves silly, ladies.

Shameless objectivisation of writhing body works both ways for Agent Provocateur. Stand up and be counted, gents.

Bruddah can ya spare a dime? The Indo group needs a quick hundred mill...

WTF does 'disintermediated' mean? Clue: it's not good, it's happening to you and Martin Sorrell won't feel its pinch half as much as you will.

Ulrika-ka-ka wins, but not too many care any more, it seems. Shame when quality like this is ignored.

Advertising is good for kids! Yay! It's official, or at least it is for the UK's Advertising Association!

Happy Monday, Adbabies. No snoozie after lunch.

(If it seems as though I plundered Brand Republic's website a lot, that is an outrageous lie and how dare you? Through the non-evil and almighty power of Google Analytics I know where you are having coffee right now. Shut up.)

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