Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Riot. It's the only way to get noticed.

If you're not out there working on the edge, start seeing someone who is. TBWA did, and they're now in a sexy 3-way on the digital account for Adidas. Adweek says
In the review, Adidas had a choice between established shops and this new entity called Riot. Riot's July pitch demonstrated just how it would operate. The group produced work the week before, the idea to "enact it live" -- be it ad units, pieces of content, film, blogs or applications. Riot picked up the account, with revenue estimated at $15 million. The shop now has about 30 staffers culled from Critical Mass, 180 and TBWA, and plans to add 20 more.

The new set-up needs a Social Media Director. Wooo! If you have the smarts for it, send your CV to David Armano at Critical Mass. Go on, it'll be a riot. He says

The position requires re-location in Amsterdam, which I have to say is a pretty cool town. Interested? Send me a note at davida(at) I am helping to screen and we are only considering highly qualified candidates. Please include resume and samples.

And/or please pass this on to someone who you think is the right fit. This is a great and rare opportunity to evolve marketing/communications as we know it.

I'd love to have balls enough to even think I could submit my resumé. I calculate I'd need about seven. But then who'd cut out the press ads and put them in the vouchers book every Thursday afternoon, hah? Who?


But you go ahead.

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  1. So adidas is showing the stodgie world the way?