Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Dublin sound engineer and social media adopter needs your votes!

Anyone who has ever used Reelgood's fine facilities for TV and radio production on Baggot Street will doubtless be familiar with the talented fingers of John Williams. He duets with them Pro Tools like Sonny and Beyonce Knowles doing an almost-naked moonlit tango on Dollymount Strand's silver mists. However what you may not know about our John is that he is one of the world's earliest adopters of pretty much every social media platform yet invented. Nokia Game? He invented it. Facebook? He put the face in it.

And now he's on the cusp of becoming a Twitter legend. Twitter is in essence micro-blogging on the go. You're always on within your network of followers and you use your mobile (or computher) to 'tweet' regular updates to each other, all of 140 characters or less. 'By accepting messages from sms, web, mobile web, instant message, or from third party API projects, Twitter makes it easy for folks to stay connected,' say Twitter themselves, and they should know because the latest figures show that this type of networking has just gone Graiguenamanagh. 752% growth in 2008. One million new users in Dec alone.

And Reelgood's John Williams (or mcawilliams to his online frenz) is one of the most popular.

But he needs your vote to bring him the legitimacy of an award to say it is so, and we know all about that do we not, my Adfriends?

Even if you don't plan to Tweet, and you think Twitter is a bunch of top-drawer tomfoolery for timewasters, at least you'll understand the concept of it when next a prospective client says 'Here, can you explain what's all this Twit thing about?' And you'll be able to explain it and the prospective client will to themselves quietly go 'Fuck, s/he knows this kinda thing! S/He is good! I'm moving my DairyGlo Shampoo account over there tomorrow morning!'

Head over to the Shorty Awards and give John a vote in the Personal category. He's already a finalist, he's doing the Irish (micro)blogging community proud and he's going to that New York for the awards on Feb 11. Also too, the DairyGlo Shampoo account could well depend on it.

You can thank me later with a sweet, single-sided DairyGlo Shampoo radio ad brief. Or any other radio brief.


  1. Wow my dear fellow can I use this for my obituary!

    Thanks for your support sir, and one thing I will say to any adland folk out there is to vote you will need to join twitter, but trust me if you like your facebooks etc twitter is for you, it takes time but once you have followers and are following a good few people it is very addictive!

    Thanks again for this post really brought a tear to my eye!

  2. Embracing new technology is crucial to individuals and companies alike. You already highlighted the fallout of failing to do so in your previous post, the joy of job loss.

    However, almost wholly existing as some disembodied entity in the ether of the online world is not automatically correct and proper; there must be a balance between the two. An obsession with purely one pursuit surely creates new problems does it not? Diving whole-heartedly into any one thing without questioning it can be as rash as utterly ignoring it.

    Despite my tolerance (or lack of understanding) for the whole Twitter thing, I do recognise that John has achieved something quite extraordinary in his own lunchtime and I hope he kicks ass at the awards. : )

  3. Echo that Jamzie. Of course the sooner Williams stops tweeting the sooner ambulances and police cars can have some free bandwidth again:) And I agree with you 100%. You probably could live as a twitterer alone, but it'd be a strange kind of truncated existence. And neither of our comments would have the brevity to survive in this curt new world. Pynchon, John Irving and even poor old Maeve Binchy are totally screwed.

  4. Unless they can paraphrase their tomes into9 148 characters?

    Keep an eye on John, he now has a close-up picture of himself on his I-Phone. I find that quite disturbing. He seems to be perceiving himself as some sort of online demi-God that people respect. We simply cant have that.

  5. I must say the popularity of Facebook has left Twitter far behind in terms of active users.
    It's not just luck, infect it's trying very hard to bring rapid changes in itself so that the users doesnt get bore.

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