Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch out Adland, PR's getting its act together

The smartest sets from Irish blogging and PR are mingling this Jan 21st at Edelman's 37 Stephen's Green offices. It's going to be a veritable Venn diagram of explosive possibilities, where the scales may well fall from the eyes of those unable just yet to see the possibilities that the new, vibrant and breaking media offer to the more traditional communications avenues.

But enough of the hideously mixed metaphoria. I know we're supposed as advertisers to sneer at the bold and the beautiful Mini-driving class, but PR's beginning to get it, at least more than old adland is. They're cottoning on to the new platforms, and how they relate, inter-relate, cross-pollinate and reach hitherto switched-off audiences.

Well this is your official invite to crash the party. You can sit quietly at the back or you can jump up, pretend to be in PR and evangelise about the merits of putting Roberta Rowat in another bikini on Grafton Street in 5ยบ of searing February heat. But you should at the very least learn something useful about social networking.

Head over to Damien Mulley's site, state your interest and you'll be assured of a decent welcome. Like so many things about blogland, it's done on a gratis basis. There may even be biscuits. I dunno. You should come anyway.

(And then you'll be sucked into the cult of Blogolallia, have your pituitary gland removed for resale on the highly hush-hush pituitary gland resale market and then end up fit for nothing but running pyramid schemes involving aluminium foil in parish halls and community centres nationwide.)

Well it could happen.

Jan 21st, 6.17pm, 5th Floor, Huguenot Hse, St Stephen's Green.


  1. Thanks for the tip-off Nick - I'll go anywhere for free bickies!

  2. Heh - I think the biscuits are only if you're attending online.

  3. nick, sounds good. Thanks for that. I have worked with some of the people from Edelman on Coke projects and they are pretty damn hot so no surprise to see that they are on the ball.