Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creative copycats, plotless planners and why it's alright to be hearing little voices

It's not where you take things from. It's where you take them to.

Jean-Luc Godard
I stole that from the St Luke's blog. They borrowed it from Jim Jarmusch. He swiped it from some Frenchie.

The point is, nobody's doing anything original. And that's fine. Creatives go through the motions of creating but essentially, as Derren Brown smugly tells us, we're totally programmed to absorb and reapply. Creative Review, Lürzer's Archive, Shots... we all know the score. Good creatives aren't even embarrassed about that.

Planners meanwhile are getting all Robert Downey in the nineties, buzzing about, motivating creatives, intuiting from clients, brainstorming, round-tabling and, above all, understanding consumers. By Jesus we'll wring a brand-contextualising dimension out of this muchness of brain brilliance yet. Just you wait, Overarching Concept, we'll get you! And your little dog too-

And now it appears that planning is becoming a part of how agencies work on each client project. Here's Diane Tangney, Cawley Nea's head of strategic planning, in September 08's Marketing Magazine: "The role of planning in an agency is to stimulate conversation, provoke thought, inspire ideas and drive their development."

Aha! My thoughts but exactly! Except for one little detail: I suspect that Diane means intra-agency, and I'd be meaning with them pesky consumers. If planning is so intrinsic to the deal now, hadn't someone better tell the people who buy the stuff?

The pool for creative 'theft' is much deeper and wider now, and it behoves advertising to jump the fuck right in at the digital end. If we don't, we're going to drown. Probably in O'Briens or Smyths. Ffs Planners, shine a light willya.

If there's a tiny voice in the back of your head right now asking 'What the fuck is going on with all this new fucking shit will someone please the fuck fucking tell me?' then I'd heartily encourage you to take the three minutes that the following 91 slides require. If you must shortcut, everything you need to know is on slide 53.

(Courtesy of Paul Isakson.)

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  1. great presentation nick. Some similar thoughts on a Zeus Jones deck (Beyond Marketing) currently on paul dervan's blog and available on Slideshare. Definitely worth a look. x