Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Facebook, sure what good is it to MY clients?

I've written about advertising on Facebook here before a little bit, but as the numbers start to go exponential it's worth examining fb in closer detail. Of late they've started using their blog to subdivide their possible markets, of which there are an endless number.

There are two broad ways to advertise on Facebook: pay per click ads down the left hand margin, or by having a commercial page. It's this latter that Fb are interested in exploring in their Facebook Marketing 101 series.

As a progressive marketing person you should certainly be aware of the practicalities of it all for your clients. It may well be that your hotel chain or fast food franchise client absolutely should not advertise on this medium that's now reaching almost half a million Irish adults, but you should be able to explain to them why not.

Check here to see how Fb goes about talking to restaurants and bars. Three things all restaurants and bars should do to market effectively on Fb. Piss simple, DIY and measureable.

Here's No 2:
Make your Page engaging with applications. Show your restaurant’s great ratings by displaying the Zagat application or add a reservations widget through OpenTable on your main page; display a video of the chefs making the house’s special; allow users to click through an interactive menu. The possibilities are endless.
Our own plucky entrepreneurial chef, Niall Harbison, is a solid lesson in how a business of any size can harness social media and whip the fuckers until they start working for you. He uses Twitter, he blogs personally, he blogs professionally, he uses videocasting a hell of a lot, he gets NEW applications built, his Fb page acts as an aggregator for all he does and his energy is indefatigable. He's been in the Den with the Dragons, he's cooked for Bill Gates and obviously he caught something off him because he is never satisfied, continually pushes himself and is a lesson in social marketing all wrapped up in one dynamic little baldy ball of buzz.

Can do in action. And he can cook like a hoor too. Watch and learn.


  1. Great article Nick, and I couldn't think of a better example to use then Niall - someone who really gets the potential of Social Media and makes it work for him.

  2. Hey, Us NFPs are using facebook now dont ya know? And apart from showing active parenting and active autism, I am finally meeting all my lurkers who read the blog quietly but are totally rampant FBs.

    I think it shows a way to connect with a customer or donor or someone who potentially needs your service, in a concrete way that is certainly not static!

  3. wow blushing here :) All I do is mess around online! Hardly rocket science!

  4. Christian - Exactly so.
    Lisadom - good luck with it. Excellent new approach for the local and wider autism community
    NiallH - Oh shut up! :)