Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monday Adlinks

Discounts available as ad spending plummets.
You. Don't. Say.

'PR must be a player in online world.'
Is Bespoke Comms' Neil O'Gorman falling under the spell of the Collision Course?

Not since 2003 have our neighbours to the east been watching more TV - now at 26 hrs per week in the UK.

Corporate sponsorship set to rise despite the gloom, says the IT. Yahooey.

Oh yeah, and Facebook wants to sell your stats.

Twitterers. Meeting. Partying. In the real world. For charidee. There'll be four djs too. I guess the Twits could do this from home, or the bus, or the chip shop, but hey, it's nice to meet. More info at the Dublin Twestival site here.

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