Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday's adlinks

'It’s becoming all the more clear that Ireland’s digital industry is growing both in size and sophistication.'
Interactive Return there, stating the increasingly obvious after Friday 13th's lucky scoop of the Grand Prix Award at the Digital Media Awards at the Crowne Plaza. Congratulations also to Strata 3, Cybercom, Curious Wines, Sabrina, Dialogue and all the others worthies who aren't, funnily enough, listed properly anywhere yet. Including on the DMA website. Tsch.

The grey market in Germany is now targetted directly by savvy supermarkets.

I don't care if Brian McCarthy is shilling for UTV Radio. It's a positive message and we're not hearing half enough of them. From Marketing Magazine for Feb.

Yay! More avenues for advertising on the way! (But if your mobile phone co. is selling your history will you want them?)

Lee Rolston, director of marketing for Cadbury Dairy Milk, says: "TV and online are morphing almost daily."

Old news I missed but sounds like a right good one:
"PRESS Ombudsman Professor John Horgan said newspapers would continue to flourish in the new internet age, if they stayed true to the principles of good journalism and truth and accuracy in the news."
And some other Independent chuckles from last week: Today FM dial down profits and Setanta searching down the back of the sofa.

And finally, a little bit of truth leaks out in the maxi-pad research focus group. What next? Boxy but good headlines?

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