Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Adlinks

Sat 21st of Feb was Blog Awards night in Cork. Winners here. Grand Prix sponsored by McConnells, incidentally. They could tell us all about it, if only they blogged.

An interesting looking breakfast love-in for March 26 from the Irish Internet Assoc. Business blogging. Read all about it.

In a related context, Krishna De explains why caution is also important. Business blogging is not the only answer.

The Radio Awards are on March 6th. The Indo gives the spread here.

Halifax UK in crazy pyramid scheme. They dropped quite a few staff during the making of this one.

'Hey, lost your job? At home watching TV? Well look at these ads for shit you can't buy just now!' Cheaper off-peak airtime on the way for advertisers?

What yew readin' for? Paul Dervan recommends some digital marketing books. Pick up at least one...

Where do you go next when your balls have long since dropped? Sony Bravia's latest. Have a happy week darlings.

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