Friday, February 13, 2009

Why bother making an ad for yourself? Get a customer to do it.

No we don't have a Trader Joe's here. And I don't know if they're planning it. Probably not yet, because they've got a big chunk in the middle of the US that they don't trade at yet. Interesting retail brand to check out though. A great place to go, if you're 'Looking for great food at great prices, without the gimmicks' (apart from the big fat Hawaiian theme they have going on).

Anyway, if you want a brilliant example of customer power in the new social media space that I've been warbling on about, check out the video below.

The total cost to the retailer? Not even peanuts. In fact the total cost to anyone was probably one day of a nerd's time strumming on a guitar and editing pics of his last trip to TJ's. Reminds me of the many, many commercials I've written for some of our better known Irish supermarkets. Months in gestation. Weeks in production. Casting 'perfect' mummies and adorably 'average' children in 'wildly' implausible set-ups.
What I mean of course is that these ads depicted people shopping. Happily. As fucking if.

Not Trader Joe's. Ask me they're saying 'We don't take our look too seriously. You shouldn't either. Just look at the shit we sell, and if you want some, get some. ' And I like that.

It works. Almost 150, 000 people have deliberately gone looking to watch this three minute, lovingly assembled piece of flotsam. Over 300 EXTREMELY VALUABLE comments from people who care enough to write their opinions. And this is only on YouTube. If I go blogsearching, guaranteed I'll find a stack more commentary on this silly but likeable homemade homage to a brand's intangible something.

As David Armano says, the brand isn't what you say it is, it's what they say it is. In fact he explains better than I can what you should be doing about it. If you have any nous at all you have to be asking yourself, as you sit down to your monthly brand management meeting, how actually valid were those six ads you shot in South Africa two years ago, for the least Irish-looking young people having the least Irish-looking barbie with products in beautifully shot shopping bags and carrying your outsized logo.

Yes you know who you are. I'm just saying.

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  1. hi Nick, you ever see the ad that a UK teenager made for Apple?