Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't sneer at green beer

Here's the thing. I have no idea who Karlson NaKryshi is. I won't know next week. I didn't know last week. That won't bother him one iota. He's just developed an annoying (to me) Green Beer application for Facebook that's just been used by 1.4 million Facebookers. He truly doesn't care who I am because wherever he is right now, he's on a green beer high. Here's what they say about his topical little application:

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by sending your friends a Green Beer. Get the most beers, and win $50 towards the purchase of your favorite 12 pack or anything else you want! Tell your friends and have fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How many of your clients would've liked to reach a million and a half fb profiles with their brand? Did you think of telling them they could? There are a ton of people RIGHT NOW, on Twitter and in Ireland, who are developing smart, meaningful apps - and stupid, fun ones like Green Beer - and who can work with you to intuitively develop brand extensions for your clients. People like Contrast, who annoyingly even look cool. They're well known because of a piece of software they developed to let you know who just stopped following you on Twitter. Yeah, I know, why would anyone want to know who hates them- sorry, did you just ask me what this Twitter thing is?

Oh dear. This is gonna be a long night.

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