Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's adlinks

See that speck? That's a car. There's a tinier speck beside it. That's you. The tower is made up of single US dollar bills. Or notes, as we would call them. You'd need another tower, and then another 150 billion to reach the US bailout package's magic number of $780 bn. It's a funny old recession. See how they grew the scale at HOK.

Media agencies? Digital agencies? PR companies? Just who should a client turn to when they want big presence in social media? Media buying and the traditional push can still be hugely important. Advertising Age reports.

Advertising on your mobile is more of a reality than ever, although it's far from perfect yet. Reuters, reporting from the recent World Mobile Fair in Barcelona.

LinkedIn becomes ever more popular in these times given the current state of the economy with the situation out there and in the present climate.

We can't be too far off pilot porn with Ryanair surely? Bloggers are idiots and liars and O'Leary is ready to charge you for having a dump. Oh, and you can now advertise on their website too. It'll cast a slightly indiglo halo on your lovely brandname. And you'll probably be charged for using too big a pointsize in the headline. And do you want to be associated with the world's most cloyingly friendly airline anyway? If it means hits, course you do!

No, your mum likes it. Social media age profiles are climbing steadily in the US. Which ultimately means that your mum will soon be poking you again and saying again 'Clean up this profile page, it's a disgrace.'

A cautionary tale regarding the power of what you write online from Seth Godin. It is important for all of us to know what we're doing in webland. Verbum scriptum manet, as Snake Murphy ensured we understood back in the Eighties. I'm glad he did.

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