Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Adlinks

Why it's smart to advertise during a recession. From Adrants. Pass it on to the c-word.

An' I'll tell ya who else is enjoyin' this recession: my friends Mr Smith and Mr Wesson.

Red Bull's Red Bulletin magazine of the paper kind (see what they did?) is being launched in April. A quiet and restful backwater no doubt, where mayfly dance and ducks paddle gentl- Speedboat! SPEEDBOAT!!!

The AdAge Digital Conference is on in NY this April. Unilever's top marketing person will be there, as will the senior representatives from Pizza Hut, Delta Airlines and Facebo- wait a minute, is that the Tim Kring, the guy who made Heroes? Ohmigod I am such a fan! I can NOT believe this it is so cool etc etc.

James Cridland
reviews strategic radio ad value. UK regional, but relevant. Thanks D Mulley.

What your week's been waiting for: Vanilla Ice says sorry.

Happy Monday peeps. Do please allow Jon Stoort, in 140 characters or less, to fill your Twitter knowledge gap.

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  1. that does it; we really have reached saturation point. I'm going out to by envelopes and stamps right now. (wonder if I can remember how to write?)