Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, so YOU hate the new Facebook too!

People ought to save themselves a box of oxygen (I checked, it's an official unit of O2 measurement) by just accepting that change will happen. When you hear that old chestnut about change being the only constant, they mean Get over the fact that your Facebook page is different and you didn't do it/want it/request it.

It's ALL changing, ALL the time. And Facebook are not going to sit around waiting for Twitter to figure out how to steal all their customers just because you're comfortable with your homepage. It's just business. I know this to be true cos I read it at Mashable.

Sure, you could already buy ads on Facebook to promote your Page. But now, the incentive to do so is far greater, because each Fan you gain can be marketed to for free via the Facebook homepage feed. Even if it costs $5-10 to acquire a Fan (PPC ads seem to run about 50 cents for Pages, assume 5-10 percent conversion), it seems like a small price to pay to have lifetime access to engage that user. We’re already seeing Twitter users take out ads to gain more followers – this trend is likely to accelerate on Facebook too.

Suddenly, Facebook’s homepage re-design makes a lot more sense, not just from a “copy Twitter because it’s so hot!” perspective, but from the “let’s make a ton of money” angle too.

All about the heuros, hombres y mujeres. All about the heuros. The great divide between social media and corporate media. A lot of people who will want to be saying 'I knew the internet when you could have a conversation, maan. When it wasn't all this commercial crap, maan.' Uh huh. And blogging was just like, y'know, you and me and our buddy Sean and what we got up to when Electric Picnic rolled around and what a laugh it was and here's the pix up on photobucket oh we were wild!

I'm almost crying here at how this corporate monster just bit by bit logoed up the beautiful dreamscape of Web 2.0. Except I'm not naive enough to think it's ever about anything other than money. Not ultimately. No matter how lofty the ideals of some early adopters might be. Muhhhnnneeeyyyyy.

Change. The only constant. Watch Twitter change this year. (They weren't just given $75 million for a paint job.) Watch more ad agencies go 'Oh, NOW I get Facebook pages. Jeez, let's DO some of them!' Watch the paint dry faster than ever before. But do it from the bandwagon rather than the side of the track. Just saying.

Twitter for normals

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  1. confucious say "the only certainty is that when the grown ups and corporates catch on; the cool kids will go somewhere else"
    i'm sending you a note on a paper aeroplane that says "what are you doing today?"