Thursday, March 12, 2009

A web of indifference

If you think you know about feminine hygiene, but you're trusting to now-and-then care, your married happiness is probably in the pisser. Your doctor may have pointed that out.

I don't have time to go through all this now, but click on the pic for vital, relevant information. It is the only sort of information I hold any truck with, frankly.

There is also a parallel to be drawn between the 'web of indifference' in which your agency may currently be enmeshed, and this sterling work for Lysol from Fielden Groper in 1957. I am arsed if I can take the time to tease it out right now. Can I leave it with you?

Just time for two plugs, neither concerned with advertising. Watch Office Space because it's worth it, and unbelievably now ten years old. And tune in to Newstalk this Saturday at 11.30 when they launch The Emergency, their brand new satire show for the fun times we live in. One may have had a small hand in there somewhere. I'm out. Normal service will resume when etc etc.

I'm most grateful for the above advert to Lisa the supernetworker, fundraiser, special needs blogger and very clued-in cyberdoll. Cheers, clued-in cyberdoll.


  1. Easy to use AND economical? I'm sold.

  2. Oh shucks! it's my pleasure and setting my iphone alarm for newstalk tomorrow,