Monday, March 23, 2009

YouTube, Lauren Luke and lessons in brand building.

Mrs The Other Half doesn't dare to lecture me on the finer points of makeup. She knows she will end up embarrassed and all her girlfriends will titter at her. That's because I learn my maquillage savoir faire from Lauren Luke.

You don't know Lauren Luke? Shut up already girlfriend you so have to know Lauren Luke or like you are the lamest whatever everrr.

I can't keep that nonsense up. You won't find a more ordinary lass in all of Newcastle than Lauren Luke. And she has an instantly charming appeal. Oh, and about 30 million views for her practical eye make-up demos on YouTube. She now posts under the brand of Panacea81. She also has started a column in the Guardian's Saturday Weekend mag. Because she gives a whole lot of people what they actually want. In the process she builds her brand (entirely by default, but study and learn nonetheless) and YouTube meanwhile keep up with the Facebooks and Bebos of the world in advertising stakes. Everyone's a winner!

This is for all of you who have emailed me wondering how you can get that Leona Lewis Bleeding Heart by Lauren Luke luke, but most especially for my dear, dear friend Stomping Bear of Flatbush, who needs it more than most. Enjoy it by crikey fuck, you worthless monkeys.

To those of you who think this entire post casts aspersions on my virilie manliness while simultaneously saying sweet fa about brands really and revealing me as lightweight and lazy, shut up already. I am coming over so right now to ladder your hose and drop your Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic 30ml Spritzer down the toilet, bitch.


  1. I think that's biotch.

    Having fun, are we? ;)

  2. You and whose army?!