Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blogging: Breakfast of champions

This was posted at Villa 81 by Emmet Ryan. A three minute snippet giving an overview of the IIA's recent Business Blogging Breakfast. It was organised as a launch for their Join the Conversation: A Guide to Blogging for Business. Like the vast majority of stuff these days, it's available for free.*

I was there on behalf of Marketing Magazine, so I was a passenger in one sense, but it's always an ambivalent feeling to be the ad guy in a roomful of clients who are more clued in than their agencies. It may be that the extent of their cluelessness is all they realise, but that is where each must start. There were probing questions, honest bemusement and a very palpable sense that something has to be done in this space.

The more of these things I attend, the more I see the move from realisation to motivation. No small thanks, on this occasion, to simple and useful observations from Aedan in Puddle Ducks, Brendan in FBD and Michelle from Start following them on Twitter why dontcha? You don't do that? Well why dontcha?


Right. No, no, it's just- No, I'm sure that's a perfectly good idea for not doing Twitter. Very reasonable. No, no, it makes loads of business sense to me now. Sheesh. I feel like such an idiot. I've been wasting my time. And yours too. Here, let me just-

SFX: Shuffles off. A click is heard.


The lovely Roseanne from the IIA informs me as per the comment below that their guide is free until May 6th only, at which point you'll have to be a member to avail.

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for coming along last week and also for the observations you shared with me about the advertising sector and social media - a lot of food for thought! As if the brekkie wasn't enough :)

    Also on a point of information the Guide is freely available until 06.05.2009 (2 weeks from launch) and after that will be available to IIA members only.

    Good luck with the article and please let me know if you need any further info.