Thursday, April 23, 2009

Champagne chic for hard times advertisers

Oh lordy I have met so many stimulating, creative and energising people in the last two months. And there's nothing like sitting beside a bone fide entrepreneur to make you feel totally fuckin' pumped man! (and curiously fat and useless at the same time).

But enough of personal body issues. The point is, that 'in these times of' maybe an extra free hour or two a week for mental noodlings, the lusciously creative part of our brains can either be coaxed to spew the most magnificently creative colours or left to lardify in its own secretions. Now which would you rather? I see creativity breaking out all over, and a tipping point is upon us, where people are finally going to the mental gym. The equipment is already there. Let's get pumpin', people!

Guys, I actually feel like the softy ould unmarried uncle, so proud I am of yiz.

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