Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mars, bringer of warnings

Holst on there a minute. I'm not posting twice in one day really. I'm just thieving interesting content from other people's blogs again. I think I may be the only one, and I am so ashamed.

Anyway, over that now. Kevin Dunne's views on marketing are never less than a kernel of common sense wrapped up in a layer of cop on, and all covered in a creamy coating of smart. Go visit and see.

Like when he points to the hideously stupid thinking from Mars - of all people - that made them put a cease and desist order on digital agency Poke, for daring to dream up a website called Snckrz! where people could have fun with the Snickers logo.

Don't look for it any more. It's not there. I'll let Kevin tell you why.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Nick, thanks a million for the mention. And the kind reference to my blog. Very much appreciated.

    The thing I find funny about Mars is they're also responsible for the new Skittles site. This is basically a social media site.

    I can certainly appreciate Mars is a big company. But I wonder do the guys working on the different brands ever have conversations. Or even see what the other brands are up.

    Thanks again for the mention.