Thursday, April 2, 2009

YouTube: Interacting with relevance

Photo not relevant to post at all, but ain't it cool? Found.

You can choose to view YouTube as a handy place to sneak a look at funny clips when you're at work, or you can find a way to make it work for you.

The smarties at Interactive Return possibly do both, but they certainly do the latter. Get a quick education on Pay Per Click, SEO, Keywords and how Ireland's largest advertising agency runs its business.

Here's a segment that Natacha Colin at Interactive Return posted recently, just in case the enormity of online video-watching traffic has slipped past you while you were watching that guy doing the evolution of dance.

Amanda Watlington, in a session dedicated to Video and Podcast SEO, highlighted how video and audio content are compelling to users disclosing the following figures concerning the UK and the month of June 2008 according to Comscore:

–27 million people watched 3 billion videos online

–118 videos per month per viewer

–19.7 million viewers watched 1.4 billion videos on (72.4 videos per viewer).

She also explained how videos and podcasts could be used by brand marketers and search marketers.

Thank you Natacha. YouTube is a resource for your clients, a learning tool and a fairly massive compendium of knowledge. It's in the process of smartening up its reputation for grainy images too from what I hear, and high definition will only add to its attraction. Have you used it yet to upload content? Any content at all? How about stuff that your clients might find useful? Ever think about having your agency's own channel on there? What useful links could clients, suppliers and staff watch? It's free, ffs!

Oh yeah, YouTube is counter-productive. Point. I'll shut up.

Shuffles away dejected.


  1. he hehhehhe he. Just popped over to Alexia Golez on your blog roll and checked out that Duffy coke ad.
    He he hehhhehhheh! So yeah, Youtube is counter productive.

  2. I love the picture of snow white it is totally awesome!