Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wanna be an extra?

Just mind the edge of the pool...

Despite O2 now having trademarked little yellow duckies forever, Bord Gáis Energy have taken like webbed Anatidaens to water with the whole customer reachout thing, even to using meejums like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and... oh you get the picture.

They're now working with their online people at Target Digital to follow up their Big Switch advertising and want a whole geansaí load of real people to feature.

Are you a real people, slightly unemployed perhaps, and available to spend a day or a half day as an extra? If so, go along to the Casting Couch at 3 Fitzwilliam Square on Thursday next, May 7th for 11am.


And if you're just a blogger nosing about, link to this page or write the info up yourself. There's a few quid in it for the lucky auditionees, and who would say no, what with the current climate given the state of the times that are economics a challenge with in a fiscally forward uncharted waters and what have ye.

Full disclosure. In return for writing this blog post, Bord Gais Energy gave me a three bedroom apartment with sea views in Seapoint for 12 months, plus use of a vintage S Type Jag and an unlimited expense account (for online purchases only however) with Curious Wines. But I do have to walk two Dobermanns on the beach every day. And do this flipping blog post.


  1. Hi Nick, I saw this too. I thought it was really good. You might have come across T Mobile's latest ad in the UK. They did something similar.

  2. I like it. xx (can't get enough animalia in advertising for my liking)