Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome Radical, and welcome MeasurementCamp!

I've got this doo-lally feeling tonight. Like maybe the future is just up ahead. Possibly even tomorrow.

It's getting semi-official, this internet thing. It might just last for another couple of years. Certainly looks that way, with the announcement of the fab fusion of Interactive Return and Captivate Digital into new creature Radical. Both companies belonged under the Publicis umbrella and I wish them every success as they merge. It's a first of sorts for the digital landscape here, (the merge, that is, not the existence of such agencies) but there's no doubting that the appetite is growing for cohesive and comprehensive digital delivery. Heck, I've even had to add a new blog to me list over there on the right, and it looks like a useful one too.

As a client you could usefully scan the services they provide at Radical because they seem quite comprehensive, and as an ad agency you could possibly use that list of services to shed some light on how your own offering needs to encompass the same tools. As they say it:
Radical will deliver innovative solutions across all digital marketing channels, including social media marketing, online PR, web design and development, online advertising, search engine optimisation, email marketing, and usability.

In particular, I love how Radical draw and explain the simple but effective parallels between old and new in a way that even guys from the era of rub-down letraset could understand. Take SEO as an instance. This is what it takes, I guess.
You wouldn't print 10,000 brochures and leave them sitting in a box under your desk, would you? So, why do web designers still build websites that are impossible for search engines to read, index and rank when we all know that search is the number one way for users to find their way to your website and having a good ranking in search engines is critical to the achievement of your online business objectives?

Uh, I dunno. Anyway, that segues beautifully into my other bit for tonight. MeasurementCamp Dublin. I may be nerding up, because I am getting like soo excited by this already. Fuck. I am nerding up. Anyway, I'll let the Mulley fella do the explaining.
Online campaigns can be evaluated and companies and their clients need to know this. It’s not guess work. It’s not throw fifty grand at something and being told a few comments are the way to see that it worked. MeasurementCamp, the regular meetup of people who want to measure the effect of social media style campaigns now has a franchise in Dublin.
Why am I excited? Because I will be in the presence of dozens of people who are as excited by the prospect of working in this environment as I am. Because I will get to network with a lot of people who know a lot more than I do and are generous with it. But mostly because I figured out how to add my name to a wiki. Bow down before me, pondlife! Haha, in truth I felt like a brachiosaurus with a ballpoint pen but I figured it out on my own so already shut up.

Takes place the 27th of May from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm at The Odeon Bar & Grill, Harcourt Street, and I'm really encouraging everyone I know who lives on the interested periphery to sign up. But you have to learn how to add your name to the wiki haha! (Not wiki haha. Wiki. Haha.)


  1. Hi Nick.

    Many thanks for the Radical mentions in the blog. You'll stay tuned for the rolling out of our new website in a few weeks.

    Adding you to our blogroll now...!

    All the best,
    Emer Lawn
    (Online Marketing Executive, Radical)

  2. Hi Nick, just checked out MeasurementCamp Dublin. Next weeks one is full. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  3. Hi Nick, I meant to drop by earlier and ask how you got on at MeasurementCamp Dublin after?