Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google loves you, agencyland. It really, really loves you!

I got your fatal error

Well sort of, enough to create an online educational portal because it truly values your juicy relationship with your clients. Here's what Rupal Parekh says in Advertising Age:
The AgencyLand platform, now in beta with select agencies, houses a ton of Google-centric content created for agency staff. Naturally, much of it is focused on digital topics. There are webinars, a searchable library with more than 200 marketing case studies and short, on-demand video segments featuring Google leaders such as Chief Economist Hal Varian. It also aggregates Google's array of ad tools, such as a media-planning tool that connects advertisers and publishers and a website optimizer, which helps measure user behavior on web pages.

Looks sound on the face of it. They got initial buy-in this year from Ogilvy, Initiative, Starcom and Carat to be guinea pigs while it works out the kinks. Testing goes to the next batch round about now, and will include DDB, Group M and BBDO among others. Mr Google himself told me that he hopes to make AgencyLand generally available to agencies late this year.

It's free. It consists of 15-minute training modules, it gets co-branded with an agency's corporate livery, uses some of their exclusive content, shows pics of various agency employees and generally sounds like a mock-up of however many Powerpoint documents you've put together over the years, with your logo in one corner and your prospective-bed-partner new client's logo in the other.

Google will be doing this because they're not evil, they care for you and they want you to thrive in the digital space, of which they inhabit practically every pixel already. Martin Sorrell, a man of no small presence himself, used to call them the 'frenemy' apparently. He's since changed it to froe. Frunny bastard.

Thanks to cityferret at Amber Green for this.

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