Monday, June 29, 2009

Hmmm. So what shall we do this week?

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Downsizing continues in tradland, with some good agency friends getting put on a three day week last week. But they're resourceful people, so they're already planning the comeback tour and have several good dates locked in.

Like next Wednesday's 121 Marketing Network monthly informal social meetup. 121 are based at Linkedin and organised by Karina Rose Heavey, who says it's 'a group for Ireland-based Marketing professionals to discuss marketing ideas, industry trends and help people find other marketing experts.'

On Thursday there's a Facebook apps developer workshop happening in the Radisson. Already pretty full, but worth looking at the next one. Why am I going? After all, I expect to model in six inch stilettos and a clingy micro mini for Dolce and Gabbana before I know how to develop a Facebok application. Isn't this getting just a bit nerdy?
Well no. I want to know who to talk to when my clients ask me to creatively reach their female over 55s target. Biggest growing demographic on Facebook right now, and I'd prefer to reach them with an application than a pay-per-click ad.

Online PR in Ireland has a new face too. Become a fan, contribute, listen and observe, because social meeja doesn't really respect that solid thick line you used to be able to marker between pr and advertising.

Two examples of lines blurring are Damien Mulley's piece here about Hennessy doing a Bord Gais with bloggers, and the planned blog-up that WHPR have organised at Ogilvy's offices next Wednesday. Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the latest Bud ad. With pizza. Everybody wants to engage now.

Film production companies too are looking at the future of advertising with a sober acknowledgement of where it's at and a co-operative shoulder-to-the-wheel mentality which is absolutely brilliant to see. I can think of nobody better able to spearhead the issue than Max Brady of MaxFilms. Along with Russ Russell of Russell Curran she's pushing the new message out. Sounds like a great example of like minds working for a common purpose, despite the obvious competitive special interests. I'm all for it and wish them a great second half of '09.

Producers have met to take action in recognition that advertisers’ available budgets have been cut, and that TV production needs to evolve to meet changing needs in the current economic climate. Through industry co-operation, new working practices are to be brought into the production business that makes the production of advertisements, locally, more competitive.

“Ireland has always had a diverse, and very creative, commercials production sector, wrangling smaller budgets into giving higher production standards”,says Russ. “We would hope that the actions we have now taken will assist Irish advertisers, and advertising agencies, to begin spending on TV production again; ensuring the survival of a very unique and atypical sector of the Irish economy, and ultimately helping to contribute towards the survival of our television broadcasters”.

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  1. Are you moderating? I thought a posted an astute and topical reply here and it has vanished!
    I am so sorry to hear of good people getting downsized- but as you say the really good ones see only obstacles to be overcome and will talent themselves around things. The ones who can only see a brick wall will fall by the wayside.

    It's exciting to be part of something evolutionary in anycase.