Sunday, June 14, 2009

Training Day

There is no scarcity of ways to upskill in Social Media.

Essentially it's what you do already if you're any good at your job. Think Facebook. Put yourself at the centre of a web of can-ness and provide your client with fresh options for fresh times. As a copy and content writer, I have personally seen two blog start-ups for well-known Irish brands in June alone. I have no idea how many others are out there getting ready to sail. Question is, are any of them yours?

If they are and you're not involved, you should at the very least turn the safety catch of those twin barrels pointing at your foot to the On position. For starters.

Exhibit A.
This weekend Greenhouse Incubator in Limerick held a conference on how to use social media to market your business. I couldn't be there but I followed it on Twitter via my mobile. While my four year old 'played' hurling with our local club in the glorious Dublin sunshine, I marvelled at what new avenues technology has given to us. Evert Bopp is the grey matter behind Greenhouse and he should be applauded for its dynamism in the midst of an apparent media blackout on positive push stories.

Exhibit B.
The Irish Internet Association is running two programmes this month of high relevance to meercatting people. On June 17th they will be featuring the Nobel Laureate of Online Marketing, Krishna De. Krishna will cover the relevance and practicalities of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for business people.
A week later on June 25th she'll also present a half day course on blogging for business.

Exhibit C.
The market is about nothing if not competition. And competition begets choice. Covering much the same ground as the seminars above, runs Social Media Unspun on July 23rd. You can figure it out from the title, yes?

There you go. Fair warning. I know a bunch of people in advertising who will be clued in to these events already, but the number is as far away from industry tipping point as Angelina Jolie is from signing that Beschoffs Batterburger contract.

POSTSCRIPT: One of the presenters from Greenhouse, Campbell Scott, commented below with a link to his presentation. I wouldn't want you to miss it, so click here to see the whole thing. It'll take a minute of your time. And as well as turning you on to some of the entrepreneurial marketing that's out there, it'll make you puke at the thought of all the boring zedfests of powerpoint pitches you've made prospective clients stay awake through. Lack of brevity is the source of shit.


  1. As you missed the Greenhouse event, here's a copy of my pres.

  2. Cheers Campbell. Great to see such enthusiasm. Good luck with IGO People. Loved the prez so much that I'm putting it into the post directly.