Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can a corporate blog ask the difficult questions?

Pic thanks Kevin Dooley

Anyone with a blog can mouth an opinion.

What you won't find too much of is a corporate entity jumping in there and saying the unexpected, because they're far too often petrified by the prospect of what genie they'll let out of the bottle. Truth? We never needed it before, why should we be all warm and fuzzy now?

You won't, you can be damn sure, hear a bank in Ireland asking out loud whether Western economies will struggle to return to growth. And it wouldn't ask if we are in the eye of the perfect storm, or whether we're facing years of foreclosures or if those shoots of recovery, of which Mr Cowen spoke, are really visible. Safer to play accentuate the positive, even if you're only admiring the napp of the wallpaper in your first class cabin on board HMS Titanic.

But if it were to ask these honest questions, a major bank in Ireland would never ask them outside the boardroom. It wouldn't ask a naysayer like David McWilliams for fear that he'd answer with the truth, or at the very least an honest opinion. And it most definitely wouldn't put the bloody answers on its blog out there in the skittish public domain, now would it? No, because you can't trust people with unvarnished information. Even if they trust you with their precious resources. No no no. Blogs are the Bic of Satan. Dangerously true information has to be filtered through the correct sieves. Reassurance mechanisms like PR and advertising and official spokesper- what?

Oh really? They did?

Oh. I see.

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