Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Facebook Garage report (moderate geek alert)

Way back there on July 2nd, I took my tired chassis to the Facebook Garage in the decidedly non-pitlike surrounds of the Radisson SAS in Golden Lane, D2.

Why? As I said somewhere else before, because I am reassured to know that there are serious geeks out there who know how to build serious applications (or 'apps', as we in the 'biz' 'call' them). I won't ever learn how to do it myself, but these dudes show the way.

Most impressive of the geeky ones for me was Flavien Charlon's MyCity. You may know this app already from FB. He had a modest way of explaining how his hobby of building a Sim city for FB went totally apeshit and now has 500,000 people who 'live' in the app. Putting on the morkeshing hat for a minute, I could see the instant application of this, erm, application for advertisers. Check out the slideshow.

But beyond geeky was cold, hard business. Colm Long, local boy and Facebook ruler of EMEA (I think it's, like, somewhere beyond Narnia) gave a great topline presentation on Facebook and apps (and the apps of apps) from the perspective of adlanders. This is the money shot.

And fyi (now that this is a gossip rag) people from the spitoon of Satan (ie agencies etc) who were in attendance included Unnamed from IIProximity, Undercover from Kick Communications, Unshaven from Cybercom, and Underexposed from MaxFilms

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