Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Irish PR. New levels of precision digital targetting every day.*

I've always been a big fan of incisive, cut-through-the-clutter PR. The science of it. The subtlety of it!! I love the way so many agencies know how to target their message with unbelievably clinical precision, narrowing it down to within nanometers of the cerebral cortex of the intended consumer.
How often have I marvelled at the unerring way that uniquely talented models are used against a backdrop of, oh I dunno, let's take a completely random St Stephen's Green, to promote let's say a rate of return of an amazing 9.7% APR for new customers opening a Switcheroo account. It cuts straight to the relevant heart of the matter, don't you find? The care, exactitude and thought that go with it are often breathtaking. Next thing you know, there'll be a shot of a slightly overweight guy in a sober suit holding an outsized something or other (like a big 9.7% made out of styrofoam maybe) alongside an actress (dontcha know) and suddenly there it'll be, as essential to The Evening Herald as journalists and incisive journalism. The process is endlessly fascinating, the learnings that are applied (use girls, don't go mad on clothing, have a big prop, include the client if possible etc) are always just zingy fresh and new, and the outcomes for client's budget on these photoshoots must always be enormous. You gotta spend it to make it, clearly.

This particularly resonant example was brought to my attention by Brand Ireland. A trip to the post will explain many of the nuances that I simply do not have the space to deal with adequately here. Suffice to say that this extraordinarily creative twist, featuring not one, not two wildly varied models, involves the eagerly awaited launch of Avonmore's new Easy Pour Jugs.

Surely you'll join me in my hat tip to this summit, this azimuth, this acme, this peak, this explosion of public relations at its creative finest. I know its elegant simplicity has inspired me. Thus, in its honour, I am inaugurating a three-semester, 33-week, proto-analytical course in the Dublin School of Advanced Applied Public Relations. Course applications are being taken now, so if you think you have what it takes to be a PR maestro (and only the brightest will gain admittance) then you may be one of the lucky first classmates to pass Cumma sum Laudly through my academic hands. Places are limited to 174, and unfortunately in this inaugural year there will only be one random PR Guru Award. Applications to the usual address. There will be badges for all. (And yes, I know azimuth was out of place there. Smartarse.)

* This post has nothing whatsoever to do with digital marketing. But I know relevance when I see it.


  1. And it's ALWAYS Stephens Green! Even Mulley's new business partner had a slide photo of himself and the business guide thingie he was flogging - in Stephen's Green, as background at the masterclass.

    But maybe that was post-post-post modern irony??


  2. Will stunt laptops be provided for the "new website, laptop open, cheesy suit smile" shoots?

  3. Amateurs. There's not a pull-up banner in sight!