Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh my goodness goodness me. It's been one of those most unusual things for me of late: a terribly busy two weeks in offline adland. I know! I'm as surprisder as you. I've barely had the time to fit 140 characters onto my private yacht, Das Tvit, for the annual five weeks of orgiastic July excess.


We've put together a 20" TV ad for a new superclub that's opening (in TRT!) in Maynooth, and it's rather tasty. We're also helping some festival frineds launch on radio and in press. Radio requirements throughout July seems to be enjoying a bounce after frankly a non-existent June all round. 
Anyway, there'll be more from me with some real substance to it later, I hope. Here's a picture of my neighbours meanwhile. I don't know about you but that guy in the middle freaks the fuck out of me.

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