Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A crash course in social media from Simply Zesty

New kids on the online pr/socmeej block, Simply Zesty (founded by the tireless twins Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher), are presenting a Summer Camp on various topics at the business/social media convergence point. It happens on August 27th at The Church on Mary Street, D1.

In their own words:
The aim of our course is to give you an overview of the free tools available in social media that enable you to reach your customers in new ways online. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers, including Philip Macartney from Bebo, Conall McDevitt from Weber Shandwick and natural search guru Alastair McDermott from Website Doctor. We’ve also got a great panel of bloggers and journalists who are active and influential in the social media space. They will be there to answer your questions on how you can reach your customers online, with first hand experience.
There's enough talent lined up on the day to sort the spam and the specious from the socially smart, and there are worse ways to spend less than a hundred quid.

Happily they don't promise to make social media gurus out of attendees, which is great and probably spares me hefty jail time, because it's my Manchurian Candidate trigger term. The other one, if you ever want to see me descend into a seething frenzy of spittle and (other people's) bone shards, is 'coach' when applied to anything other than sports fields and modes of transport.

Yes, it's my problem, according to the analyst. I know. Don't blame yourselves.

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