Friday, August 28, 2009

Peperami where it belongs: in the hands of the fans.

It came off the back of a generation of Young Ones fans. It traded irreverence and honesty with a nod to bovver boys and Millwall fans. It was the irrepressible Peperami and it was, it assured us with carefully considered nonchalance, a bit of an animal.

Wishing to get it back is a futile exercise, because its relevance owed everything to its time. So instead, Unilever puts a Doc Marten sole up its wotsits and boots it right into the 2009s. You want Peperami? You do the work.

Ten kay sterling is the prize for coming up with their new ad. Believe me, the agency responsible for the initial success all those 16 count-em years ago, Lowe, would've charged more by a factor of ten at the very minimum for it, but now it's open to the public. I'm still utterly undecided about that fab creation of the new century, crowdsourcing, but Unilever, like some giant colossus, has disregarded my indecision and invited Joe Public to take the brand to the next level. Smart move.

Here's Marketing Week's take on it.
And Campaign.
The Guardian.

Ok, bored now giving other people's opinions. Here's mine, as your benign but don't-brook-me-no-shit-nonetheless ruler at this blog.

Clever move by Unilever. Bound to attract a lot of attention, 97% of which will be shit that they'd skin and hide the agency for, but since it'll be free, right up to the point where they give some sap a pittance for a wealth of free publicity and an ad campaign to boot, they'll be full of spicy, thirst-inducing glee. It'll re-energise an absolutely maniacal classic of an ad creation and it'll shift a frankly perverse product by the cartload.

Interested? Hop on the meatwagon here at crowdsourcing central (Ugh. Just decided I dislike the idea.) Idea Bounty and who knows? It could be you, up to your gonads in over-salted animal remnant.

Excellent opportunity to express the profound and incalculable loss of the legend that was John Peel and the slightly less well known but nonetheless regrettable passing of that beloved sot of the marketing world, Assistant to the Brand Manager.

Ni bhéidh a leithid ann arís.

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