Monday, August 3, 2009


It's not a new drum beat or anything. The tectonic crockery of marketing has been jiggling across the table for the lifespan of a whole Lady Gaga by this stage. We've been seeing it even here, in the forgotten Irish spiral of cyberspace, where brands like Barry's and even Sandtex (a masonry paint fer cri yi yi, but more on that later) have been absorbing this notion that brands are actually free to talk to people, rather than at them. Liberating in a way, like taking a punt on Tubridy as master of the country's moral compass. Anyway, here are some lovely slides by that nice Paul Isakson man. Isn't he the guy that did the Twin Peaks music?


  1. Slide 52 is what we autism parents do with our kids. So we should do it with our sponsors and our sponsors customers. Okay, I get it. xx

  2. My predicition is that in 2009 brands will start to realise that the world does not revolve around your iPhone app!

    Instead it will revolve around SMS! :-)