Sunday, August 30, 2009

Solidarity with small businesses during the recession

My favourite word this week is traction. Not just the sound of it, but all the associations of solidity and grip and realness. Three quarters of it is action.
Here's one from Brand Ireland that encourages it and is very much in tune with the zeitgeist, a practical yet romantic German word that English has no equivalent for.
Ok, etymology lesson over. Go see that Brand Ireland fella's post for more of this:
So, what I had in mind was the coming together (solidarity) of a range of professionals in the areas of Marketing & PR to offer some free expertise to small businesses or a chosen business in an effort ‘revolutionise’ their brand and create some buzz for their business. This grouping could act as a full service agency for the chosen brand for an agreed period of time in an effort to bring the business or brand to the next level and then hand back the reins.

Interesting. Hands-on pro bono marketing help from people on the inside. Tricky to organise, I'd imagine, but an excellent idea. I'd certainly be willing to devote some time to the concept.


  1. it also most of the letters of "Tractor" which is nice.

  2. You a tractor fan, Joe? I used to be. Now I'm a former tractor fan.

  3. Thanks for the support Nick, delighted you are willing to get involved.