Friday, October 23, 2009

Air New Zealand enlist some marketing help from tweeters

What's the strapline on the new Air New Zealand campaign?

Personality allowed.

Thanks to Brand Republic. More here.


  1. Nice tube adverts too (she says having zoomed in and out of london recently)
    I think Qantas and obviously Air NewZealand hosties have a great personality thing going.
    Just crap at bringing you things when you are in the middle row of a minimum pitch economy seat. And keeping the jacks clean when you are flying non-stop from LND to SIN. And helping you get your bag into the overhead locker. But hey, great to talk to....

    I prefer clean airplane and good service, and those Singapore hosties have all the personality they need. xx

  2. Ooh! Saucer of milk for Claws in 39F!