Friday, October 2, 2009

Asda on firefighting

True accountability from big companies is always laudable. This from a local English outpost of the very large Asda is a response to the idiocy of a former employee. We've seen idiot staff doing things (Domino's springs to mind) and posting, without necessarily realising that there's a watching world beyond their immediate circle of idiots.

Viral, as has been stated ad nauseam, can't be prefabricated but must come from an area of honesty. Usually it's people sending each other entertainment, but very often it's newsworthiness that makes content viral. In the case of this idiot, it sure as little apples wasn't entertainment.

I'm especially heartened to see that Asda's local staff ran with a counter video. To my mind, it does immensely more to regain trust than a polished press release or statement from the most senior company bods could do (although that too can be highly effective).

I've only watched the first half of this guy's antics. Feel free to watch it all. He strikes me as someone who has problems and who possibly needs help. Anyway. What do I know?

Found at Brand Republic

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