Monday, October 5, 2009

Aspiring creatives: could you make a commercial in one day?

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The fantastically hip people at HYP tv (I know it was too easy. Shut up. It's Monday morning.) are running the kind of competition that I as a pup twenty or thirty or forty years ago would've given my canines for. I'm too hackneyed now to even write this post myself, but instead will cut and paste (such a utilitarian little modren phrase) from their own site.

HYPtv has teamed up with M&C Saatchi, Johnnie Oddball and the ICA to host the 24 Hour Ad Challenge.

Young teams of film-makers will join together with advertising student creative teams to create a 30" commercial - all in just 24 hours! There will be up to 20 teams competing in the challenge.

On the day, at the Challenge briefing, teams of film makers will be put together with advertising creative teams. Each amalgamated team will have an M&C Saatchi creative mentor who is there to offer advice and review ideas, not create them. The teams will then be given the brief - which will be the same for all teams. Each team has just 24 hours to create, shoot, edit and deliver their commercial. Later that day, the commercials will be screened to all and the verdicts delivered. The judges will also discuss the entries.

You'll have to get your arse to that London for November 7. You will be required to look blasé and studiously ignore all the other blasé entrants for the briefing at M&C Saatchi 36 Golden Square at 10 am. Which means you'll be getting up earlier than on any other day this year.

To enter you can use this handy Uniform Resource Locator link that I have also copied and pasted (works in past tense too, see?) for your convenience. Spread the word to those interested. It might be the only chance they get to work on a tv job for the next five years.

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