Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Online advertising will grow even more if it works with TV

Thought this was interesting, from Danielle Long in New Media Age. She notes that
it comes as no surprise that online has overtaken TV. Google’s ad revenues are now bigger than ITV’s and the broadcast sector has suffered greatly in the recession. While the predicted resurgence in TV could still happen early next year, the two sectors are bound to be wrangling for the top spot for some time yet.
More in NMA here:
Online advertising will grow even more if it works with TV | Opinion | New Media Age

Christopher Angus, guesting at Digitology, commits even further, saying that 'internet advertising provides a far higher return than traditional media.' I'm not entirely convinced of that yet, but I am convinced that I will be convinced some day soon. I know for certain that TV, undergoing a painful metamorphosis akin to the gloriously non-digital lupine changeover in The Howling all those many moons ago, can still be a force to be reckoned with. What makes You Tube the second biggest search engine in the world? Bits of telly mostly.

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Update: Net Imperative had an interesting article about social media agency Yomego in their news roundup, in which Yomego say that
“Falling ad revenues because of the recession are merely a symptom, not the underlying cause of TV’s current challenges. The experience is that TV has the content people want but it must change its business model to incorporate the new platforms, before these new platforms replace TV altogether.”

Yomego has created online communities for clients including Irish telecom giant eircom, MTV and MNet and is at Mipcom to launch its social media reputation audit to help brands understand and proactively manage their presence within social networks.

“The work we have done with eircom and www.soccerrepublic.ire is a case in point. eircom has built a receptive and positive community around its sponsorship of the Irish national football team, attracting the team’s supporters using engaging and exclusive content and creating a dedicated interactive platform that puts the fans firmly in the driving seat.”

For a social media agency, I'd expect a better link to their work. Although maybe .ire is appropriate with the Irish team.

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