Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Social Media for non-profits: an overview

There's still little understanding of the power of social media for organisations that are not profit driven. I find this all the more remarkable when you consider their relative weakness in marketing budget terms.
I can't see that lasting however, as the number of organisations getting their toes wet has been growing. Whether or not they'll benefit from increased soc media activity is down purely to the understanding and amount of resources they are willing to devote to working the mojo. It certainly isn't about levels of € spend.
This presentation was delivered to Special Olympics Ireland last week, and briefly overviews the strengths of Facebook, blogging and Twitter for organisations with widespread memberships. Nothing new or radical for anyone heavily or even moderately involved with the online marketing scene, but quite an eye opener for novices.


  1. That's a really excellent presentation and the storytelling is really engaging. Thanks for sharing Nick.

  2. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the comment.

  3. No sweat Max. plunder away. You'll get the embed code at Slideshare, or download and recut as you need.

  4. At a recent social media marketing training day that was run by The Wheel (the representative body for the not for profit sector in Ireland), the primary focus of the 40 delegates was on blogging. They are still getting their heads around blogging and we didn't get to cover Twitter, FB, forums, in detail.