Saturday, November 21, 2009

Agencies who span trad and new media - properly

There are some who do, believe it or not. You'll find a dizzying array of new operators in the digital marketing space, from lone guns (some genuine, some new-age bullshit gurus to be avoided), to small and even medium-sized companies (some genuine, some new-age bullshit gurus to be avoided). That there are so many is testament to the amount of people who suddenly find themselves on the job market, sure, but also because new media are emerging quite quickly and traditional marketing companies are not upskilling with enough speed to understand and thereby dismiss or integrate them as appropriate.

I picked this Slideshare presentation up from a tweet or on one of the many digital avenues used by Mark Congiusta who heads up IIBBDO and Proximity's digital sections. (Ignore the irony of their websites not being, er, there yet.) He has a bunch of copped-on presentations over on Linkedin covering a variety of relevant areas: mobile advertising, taking your marketing online during recession and such and such. Each one plays a straight hand, and if you're in the marketing side of things but not yet happily in a digital groove you will find some local knowledgeable advice.

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