Sunday, November 29, 2009

Digital suppliers in Ireland: The List from A to D

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting an A-Z of digital suppliers in Ireland north and south. It's pretty comprehensive and comes via the hard work of Mount Media (publishers of IMJ and Adworld among others). A big thank you to them.

If you're not on the list or if you're incorrectly detailed just let me know and additions/amends will be made statim. I'll probably put the full list in a category somewhere handy when it's complete. Meantime here's the first four letters of the alphabet in digital Ireland.

1 World Media Marketing Belfast (Advertising Agency)

2BeScene Dublin (Online marketing services)

Ad2One Dublin (Online Sales & Marketing)

Adnet Dublin (Web design)

Adtech London (AOL Advertising)

Afilias Dublin (Domain Registry for .info) Dublin (Interactive agency)

All Media Matters Dublin (Media)

AMAS Dublin (eBusiness consultancy)

An Webbery Donegal (Web design and Internet services)

Ardmore Co Down (Advertising & Marketing)

Ardvaark Digital Media Cork (Web design)

Arekibo Dublin (Web development, design & consultancy)

Aró Gaillimh (eBusiness solutions)

Artweb Design Dublin (Internet consultancy)

Athena Media Dublin (Media Independents)

Atomic Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Aura Internet Services
Monaghan (Web development and consultancy)

AV Browne Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Banahan McManus Advertising Dublin (Advertising Agency)

BDM Innovate Dublin (Digital Media solutions)

Bitbuzz Dublin (Wi-Fi networks)

Blacknight Internet Solutions Carlow (Web hosting)

bloom Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Bluecube Interactive Dublin (Digital Marketing Agency)

Bluemetrix Cork (Web analytics)

Bluestar Tipperary (Web design, applications, online marketing)

Bonfire Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Bookassist Dublin (Internet consultancy & enterprise level databases)

Brando Dublin (Digital Advertising)

Brendan Moran & Co Wicklow (Computer consultancy)

Brightspark Consulting Dublin (Internet communications)

Broadtalk Communications Dublin (Broadband & VoIP)

BT Ireland Dublin (Telephone and broadband services)

Carat Ireland Dublin (Media Independents)

Carival Advertising & Design Cork (Advertising Agency)

Chemistry Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Chorus NTL Dublin (Digital TV, internet and telephony)

Clearscape Dublin (Website Design & Development)

Clientwell Dublin (Online marketing agency)

Comado Dublin (Digital publishing)

Combined Media Dublin (Website design & development)

Community Publishing Wicklow (Software for mobile and internet communities)

Completecents Dublin (Online Marketing Strategies)

Concept Cork (Advertising Agency)

Continuum Dublin (e-business consulting and design)

Corevalue Dublin (Business-to-Business; Business-to-Govt Services)

Cork Webdesign
Cork (Web design)

Creative Inc Dublin (Web and graphic design)

Customer Minds Dublin (Mobile Marketing)

Cybercom Dublin (Full Service Digital Marketing Agency)

Dara Creative Dublin (Web & graphic design)

Data Conversion Dublin (Mobile & Direct Marketing)

Data Electronics Dublin (Co-location and managed web hosting)

Dataway Dublin (Network Security)

dbase Technologies Dublin (Web design, IT solutions)

DDFH&B Advertising Dublin (Advertising Agency)

Deise Design Waterford (Web design and implementation)

Denobi Dublin (Website design and online marketing)

Dialogue Dublin (Direct Response Advertising Agency)

Diffiniti Dublin (Digital Media Specialist)

Digicast Dublin (Digital audio and podcasting)

Digino Tipperary (Online marketing consultancy)

DigiServe Software Dublin (Develop & management of portal sites)

Digital Crew Cork (Web developers)

Digital Enterprise Solutions Dublin (Enterprise solutions)

Digital Hub Dublin (Digital development agency)

Digital Lounge Media Dublin (Digital Agency)

Digital Works Dublin (Media Independents)

Digitize Dublin (Online advertising sales)

Digiweb Louth (Internet hosting, domain registrations, broadband provision)

Dimex Belfast (Advertising Agency)

DirectBrand Dublin (Direct and digital marketing)

Discover Mobile Dublin (Mobile content management)

DMA Dublin (Advertising and Direct Marketing Agency)

Documation Dublin (Print services)

Doopdesign Dublin (Design company)

DotMobi Dublin (Mobile Marketing)

DV4 Dublin (Web Design and Online Video)


  1. Excellent idea Nick. No comprehensive list like this that I know of so fair play for taking teh bull by the horns.

    Looking forward to the full list.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Can you please include my website in this list Blue Star Web Design - Great idea for the list, would much appreciate being on it! Thanks.

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