Thursday, January 21, 2010

My many charity works

I'm not gonna let the do-gooders have all the bandwidth over this Haiti thing. Yes it's a mess, and yes there are some amazing people being unnervingly generous with their time, money, talents and so on to help a country that needed plenty of help before this shocking event, so spurred on by their inspirational Action Jackson exploits I'm jumping on the goodness gravy train too. I mean, I'm relatively young, I have my health, I can do stuff too.

What I'm going to do is take part in a table quiz on Wed 27th of Jan. I'll have to- excuse me? What?
Don't you judge me! Don't you DARE judge me! I'll have to sit through Jason Byrne as he sweats his way through the questions. I'll need to get across the city to Dublin 2. I'll be exposed to all sorts of young people out 'wearing' what they claim with no modesty whatsoever to be 'clothes'. They'll probably use other words too, like 'fashion' and 'Grandad' and 'mace'. And after that I'll be surounded by marketing/advertising/radio types who know absolutely everything already.

You might help by at least offering to come along. It's being organised by Independent Radio Sales for The Haven Partnership (who have already committed to building 5,000 homes in Haiti).

Julia Farrelly works with IRS:
In order to do this we are trying to sell as many tables as possible (invites to follow!) and also gather together fantastic prizes that we will raffle on the night and I’m hoping that you/your clients might consider donating prizes to help us make this event as successful as possible.  We will have a big screen on the night which will feature credits to anyone providing prizes, and obviously Jason Byrne will be crediting all prize donations too throughout the event.

You can reach Julia at


Another way you can help is by bidding on the hat of Ireland's newest sex god Paul Cunningham. It's on ebay here. It's not really suitable for you if you don't have a head.

And still another is by clicking on the Tweet this! button beneath this post, or blogging/tweeting/standing on tall shoes and just shouting about it. If we work together, I can look really good here.

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