Friday, January 22, 2010

Two upcoming events

Blue corner:

Thursday 4th of Feb in Trinity College sees The Dublin Web Summit kick off with some real heavyweights. Matt Mullenweg, the eleven year old founder of Wordpress (jealous much, Nick?) and Craig Newmark, the first guy to ever make a list and make millions out of putting his name to it, will join ex Iona chief Chris Horn and Wired's Ben Hammersley. Doesn't much matter what they're talking about. It'll be worth listening.

Red corner:

The Brainfood Store meanwhile goes from strength to strength. On Wed 24th of Feb Justin Cullen an Fred King's baby hosts The Digital Festival at the Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge. They've got Brent Hoberman,'s founder, Peter Kim from the Dachis Group, Shel Israel and a few more top-drawer professionals, all converging on the workability of digital marketing.

The ante is getting upped for events like these, which to me suggests that the demand is there for quality. Might be a future for this internet thing after all.

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  1. And don't forget the "Digital Landscapes" event being organised by UCD Smurfit Business School on the 3rd of March and the Digital Summit by the Sunday Business Post!