Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About the death of the blog

 Many thanks to snapper du soir Rymus for the pic.

A whole lot of Irish blogs have been celebrating, dissecting, bitching about and bitching about the Irish Blog Awards, held on Saturday last in Galway. Very nearly didn't happen, as the CPSU had staged a drunken sit-in in the spartan Marxist surroundings of the Radisson Blu the night before, but once the funeral march for The Death of Irish Blogging™ began there was no stopping the bloggernaut.

Every year the event gets bigger and more commercially relevant, as a glance at the sponsor list will confirm. Heads like WHPR, Microsoft Ireland, Bord Bia, Lastminute.com and twice as many more get involved just to rub shoulders with a bunch of bedroom-dwelling dweebs, of course. Not for the fact that the world of Irish bloggers is just bloggers of the world in Ireland. If you get me.

Anyhoo, the catfighting about winners aside there's a full list of them here. Fantastic achievements from all. Many thanks to Fr Damien Mulley and the team for a sensitive and loving send-off to the lamented blogosphere. Not quite sure why it needs a bigger venue every year.


  1. Not quite sure why it needs a bigger venue every year myself!

    Good rundown Nick (or Mick as I kept calling you all night!). Was fantastic to finally meet with you.

    Get your own domain and you'll be up next year I'm sure. Oh wait.... I forgot, blogging is dead.

  2. Twenty, thank you. They fucked with the wrong guy.

    Dave, the pleasure was all mine. And remember when I said I was a dinosaur? I think I owe you a lunch for all the advice you're gonna need to give me... :-)

  3. new category for next year: empathy blogging. So come on all you NFPs - consider this a gauntlet. xx