Thursday, March 4, 2010

Digital Misfitz and Digital Landscapes

March 2nd, and Digital Misfitz had their latest event in space@rothco. A very full room of (mostly young) advertisingy types to hear about digitality from the marketing/media perspective. In their own words, 'Digital Misfitz brings together artists, creative minds and industry specialists through events on topics surrounding digital technology specifically in relation to advertising.'

Declan Kennedy from Facebook app developers Betapond did the sales bit for the new Big Blue, Mark Little did the 'the world is changing faster than my presentation' bit and Suzanne Fitzgerald very ably pulled the entire thing together, with sponsors and helpers from advertisingland, including Smirnoff, who obviously had alco-response wifi receptors built into the skulls of the student hordes from DCU and DIT. 
Interesting to see the coalescence of disciplines around low-key but well
managed events like this. Great attendance, very relaxed and people do seem to be putting ideas into their own heads about taking a very malleable medium and shaping it to find new ways of communicating.
On the Digital Misfitz fanpage you'll find the entire evening's content (minus the alcohol. Pesky students.) I'd post some of the video here but Facebook doesn't do house calls. You must become a fan of.


At the five-course end of the spectrum, the students from the Smurfit Business School were only sipping orange juice at 7.40 am (AM!!) in UCD for the half day conference on how to apply the web to your business. The panels were top-tier stuff and the chair, Professor Damien McLoughlin, terrified the assembled audience of business types by telling them with great frequency that they should be terrified. If you wanted a complete overview of how Ireland must work as part of a world economy and concentrate on quality, not 'the biggest' anything, the speakers here were the people to be listening to.

The round-up included Chris Horn, Google's John Herlihy, Colm Long of Facebook, HP's MD Martin Murphy, Kim Majerus of Cisco, Eamonn Fallon, co-founder of, Damien Mulley, Dylan Collins of Jolt Online Gaming and co-founder John Breslin. It was a wide-angled presentation, but a quick look at the Tweets from the morning has some terrific bite-sized zingers from the speakers.

What Mashable reported from John Herlihy's speech on the importance of mobiles here.
The big brain end of things here. Chris Horn on the similarities of feedback loops, positive and neg, for engineers or businesses.

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