Thursday, April 29, 2010

The BBC Digital Discussion

Popped along to the 2010 BBC Digital Discussion yesterday at the Westbury. Very glad I did too. It wasn't all the well clipped RP tones of the Home Service, and the BBC speaker had an unmistakably German accent, but the rest of the event was as calm, insightful and well organised as you'd expect from Auntie.

The event was scheduled for just the afternoon and has confirmed in my mind the benefits of non-full day seminars. I've no doubt that a massive amount of frantic behind-the-scenes work was done by Mark Tarbatt and the good folks at Generator to make it seem as effortless as it was for the crowd. Click On's Simon Cox chaired, Dörte Saltz outlined the new media opps that the Beeb (the non-commercial Beeb? I think not.) is introducing. There was an audible gasp inside everyone's imagination when she revealed that the oft-heard-of-but-never-actually-seen iPlayer for forreners would launch within 12 months. Sounds like we'll have to pay per view or subscribe. Gah. :(

After that, the business end of the talk, where short presentations were made by Ryan Keene at Audience Science and Richard Delevan, very newly former deputy MD of McConnells Integrated. The latter's in particular was more than timely, being an overview of online marketing in turbulent times. Kerplunk. I hope he puts it online, and if he does I will immediately pass it off as my own because it's an excellent Top Ten of things we ought to unlearn as online marketers. Deadpan funny deliverer of knowledge too. I was not the only one who thought so.

And then the panel. My overall impression from what was said by Mark Tarbatt, Mark Gilleran, Justin Cullen and the aforementioned Keene and Delevan was of a part of an industry that's been trying to validate itself for too long, and is now beginning to just get on with it. They kicked sand in my face, but boy when I sat down to play...

Cast of Oestrogen Ltd, shot entirely in iPhone OptiFuzz™

Experience, customer behaviour and the fact that the CEO's daughter tells dad that online is, like, waay important? are now moving the game along anyway. A very important - a very important - milestone in this process will be when the IAB sets up a proper analytical service for Ireland because, as Richard mythbusted, the truism that 'everything online is measurable' is a mega-untruism. The validation of numbers will help to convince quite a few cobwebby MDs and CEOs and various naysayers that this web thing might be around for a while.

The hashtag stream is here.
The goodie bag was.
Musicella: Running away to join the Google circus just to avoid meeting me is extreme.


  1. Apologies for that, I was planning to still come along but the Google team tied me to a chair that day and force fed me delicious food and drink while simultaneously chanting key Google mantras.

    'Don't be evil'

  2. Beware the Google Stone, sister. The curse of Barrow St comes disguised as the gift of free food...