Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Announcing the Web 2.0 Roadshow for Adland.

Corporate/Social applications of Web 2.0 for clients in Irish advertising agencies.

This is the new roadshow we're putting together for Irish agencies that have limited or no involvement with internet conversations for their roster of clients. Snappy title, right? Somehow Corporate Sapps doesn't seem right either. Anyway, this is a heads up for what we'll be doing moving forward. It's also an invitation to demand a free pint from me if I EVER use the phrases heads up or moving forward in this blog again. Utter arse clutter.

So, to redress the balance of technophobia (it ain't technics, baby) and the chasm of understanding between having a Facebook profile and using similar for your clients, the Web 2.0 Roadshow for Adland is being compiled, nay, composed (for it will be a beautiful thing) and will be doing the rounds from March. It'll be swift, enlightening and a lot less painful than trepanning.

This is NOT for those who are already well familiar with the web's social apps and are exploiting them for clients. It's pretty much for those who think that the web begins and ends with rollover banner ads which look awful like the press ad they just did. It's an introductory course to the pros and cons of corporate engagement on platforms such as
Readers of this blog are to varying degrees already in the 2.0 wave. Many of those in the agencies you work with aren't. Spread the word! The Web 2.0 Roadshow for Adland is a pretty informal beast, but it has great relevance for Account execs, managers, directors, planners, media and creatives. Not so much for the agency cat, but for everyone else it's essential like avoiding David McSavage's 'new' 'show' on RTE is essential. It makes housecalls too, so disruption is minimal.

More to follow.


  1. So how far will you be taking the roadshow - Cork? Donegal?

  2. Hey Nick - Sounds really interesting. Web 2.0/3.0 and Social Media are a personal interest of mine (and something I've a fair bit of experience with), I'd be really interested to find out what you have planned.

  3. @nospinpr: It may even venture as far as Dublin 6W. If the broadband stretches.

    @Christina Hughes: Expect very bad things, but prob not much beyond Web 1.5...